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How do I find my courtroom assignment in Prince William County.

Find Your Courtroom in Prince William General District Court

Your courtroom assignment is not on your summons or any of the paperwork you received in the jail.

Find your courtroom assignment online

If your case is in General District Court you can look up your courtroom assignment the day before court by going online and looking up your case (see video above). This same website will also tell you the time and date of your court hearing, your attorney’s name, your officer’s name, the outcome of your case, and you can pay your fines and court costs online there as well.

Find your courtroom assignment while at the courthouse

The Prince William County / Manassas General District Court is on the second floor of the Courthouse.  In front of the elevators on the second floor, there are large LCD screen mounted on the wall. Those screen will list the defendant’s names and their courtroom assignments.  next to those screen there is also an info desk, and a very nice lady there can also look up your case. The info desk also maintain printed lists of all the courtroom assignments.