Restricted License

When Can You Get a Restricted License?

If you are suspended for DUI or reckless driving, the court sometimes is able to issue a restricted license.

  • DUI 1st (restricted license immediately)
  • DUI 2nd in 10 years (restricted license after 4 months)
  • DUI 2nd in 5 years (restricted license after 1 year)
  • DUI 3rd  (restricted after 3 years)
  • Refusal (No restricted licenses)
  • Reckless Driving (restricted license immediately)

If you would like to know whether you are likely to be able to get a restricted license, call (703) 383-9222  or email: for a free consultation with Prince William County attorney Luke J. Nichols esq.

How Do I Apply For A Restricted License

The best way to apply for a restricted license is to present the completed and signed Virginia Restricted License Application Form to the judge at your sentencing.

Some Prince William County judges will also demand to see your DMV record before giving you a restricted license. Out of state driver are allowed to apply for a restricted license for driving within Virginia, but these restricted driving privileges may or may not be taken by the driver’s home state.

If a driver does not apply for a restricted license at their trial they will need to fill out the form and schedule a motion to be heard before the sentencing judge during at 9:00am. The driver must also bring a current copy of their DMV record and their DMV compliance summary.

DC-263 Virginia Restricted License Application
Click here to fill out a Virginia Restricted License Application Form
What Can You Do With a Restricted License?

Restricted license allows drivers to only drive in very limit circumstances. For a list of all the approved driving activities review the Virginia Restricted License Application Form (DC-263)

How to Fill Out A Restricted License Application Form

Check out this detailed video explaining the DC-263 restricted license application form for all General District Courts.

The Temporary and Permanent Restricted License

The restricted license issued by the court is temporary. The restricted license is invalid without ignition interlock installed in the car.

Additionally, the restricted license will expired within 15 days of trial unless the driver takes their temporary restricted license to ASAP so they can verify that ignition interlock is installed and that they are registered for ASAP.

Between 30-60 days after the trial the driver must go to the DMV and:

  • pay a reinstatement fee,
  • provide proof of insurance with an FR-44 form and
  • show DMV that ASAP has already signed their temporary restricted license.

The DMV will then provide the driver with a hard plastic restricted license to go with their paper temporary license. Failure to do any of these steps will cause the restricted license to be voided. If the driver misses any of these deadlines they will need to schedule a motion with the judge and start the process all over again.

Make Sure the Attorney You Hire Will Help You Apply for a Restricted License.

When you hire an attorney, read the contract carefully and see whether the contract end at the trial or whether the contract obligates your attorney to help you apply for a restricted license and register for ASAP.

Failure to register for ASAP properly or to use your restricted license correctly can result in a probation violation and jail time.

If you would like a free consultation with our Prince William County attorney, Luke J. Nichols,  esq. call (703) 383-9222 .

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