Prince William Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP)

Anyone convicted of a DUI offense in Prince William County must complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action (VASAP). completing ASAP is necessary to get driving privileges restored and failure to complete ASAP will result in violating probation and jail time.

15 Days to Sign Up For ASAP

Once a person is ordered into ASAP by the judge on the day of their trial, the defendant has 15 days to attend their first ASAP appointment or they will forfeit their restricted license and potentially violate probation.

How to Sign Up For ASAP in Prince William County

Anyone ordered into ASAP, should immediately go to the ASAP liaison’s office with their attorney. The liaison’s office is at the end of the hallway just past General District Courtroom 5 on the second floor.

At the liaison’s office you will get your temporary restricted license, information on ignition interlock and how to install it, and how to sign up for ASAP.

If you do not go to the liaison’s office immediately after court then you will have to show up between 9:00-9:30 am on a weekday.

Your ASAP Intake Interview

If you are ordered into ASAP in Prince William County, your first meeting with ASAP will be at the Bull Run ASAP at the time assigned to you by ASAP. If you live out of state or far away, this interview may be done over the phone.

During this intake interview ASAP will determine what treatment programs (if any) you will be required to take, ASAP will verify that you installed ignition interlock and they will sign your restricted license.

Can I Transfer ASAP?

At your ASAP intake interview you will be given a list of all the ASAP classes in your area. If you live in another county or state, you will also be able to transfer your ASAP requirements to your local program.

Absolute Abstinence from Alcohol

One of the requirements of ASAP is that defendant’s abstain from all forms of alcohol. This includes no alcohol based mouthwash, or cough syrup.

If a driver blows into an ignition interlock device with any alcohol on their breath, the can violate their probation. Additionally, people often get violated because they show up to ASAP with alcohol on their breath.

Bull Run ASAP – Manassas

9108-D Manassas Drive
Manassas Park, VA 20111

Phone: (703) 369-7979
Fax:     (703) 369-5011

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